Monday, September 5, 2011

I Made Pie Instead

I know I promised I would finish up all my exciting news but last night when I had time I made pie instead.

No, it's not soap related, but I love baking and in particular I love making pie. It's difficult and frustrating and usually takes a good amount of verbal abuse to get it even close to right but it's always worth it in the end! I make my own pie crust and filling from scratch using recipes I have tweaked a bit to be just how I like them and I am always working to make them better.

Someday I dream of making the perfect pie.

This time I just made a simple apple pie. It's my favourite and really lets me practice pie crust. Besides, everyone in my family loves it. My crust wasn't my best this time, a little too wet (there's no real science to adding water, it's different every time) and thick (my rolling pin has seen better days) but Michi helped me with the filling and a newly added teaspoon of vanilla made it taste amazing! I think I may leave that in....

Not the prettiest, but SO yummy! 

♥ Amanda Leigh

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