Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My beautiful, wonderful friend Syl, who has been working on getting a beauty blog going wrote a review of my first batch of soap!

 Syl with my soap~

I know what a huge fan of Hello Kitty she is and I just love giving gifts so while she was visiting the other day I gifted her a few. She was really excited and it made me happy to see it! And the great person she is she wrote a review!

Overall she loved the look and the smell (which is nice to hear because she has very sensitive skin to fragrances) but commented on a dryness it left her skin with. It's something I had been wondering about so it was nice to hear. I will definitely be looking into additives for moisturizing (which is something my skin constantly needs anyway) and I was already wanting to play around with goats milk soap base which is good for softening and soothing so now I have a really great excuse.

But enough of my rambling. Read it in her own words! Review

♥ Amanda Leigh

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  1. I don't know if using my skin is a really good reference for the general population! Lol ♥ I did find something nice for making skin soft...I'll have to search around and find it....

    And FYI....Hello Kitty is amazing. Duh. =)